Self Portrait June 2021.jpg

Peter Knapp

Lives in Sunderland, MA USA

Born May 1, 1950


Statement:     July 2021

Regardless of the medium or issue I have chosen throughout life, my art has always been involved with experimentation, invention, trying something new, taking a risk and seeking solutions to the challenges these goals present. Inspired by other modern artists who have successfully developed styles and methods uniquely individual and ground breaking, I am committed to leaving a record of my work that extends the boundaries of creative process.

My art has been a healing and nurturing process, confronting my battle with depression and anxiety that I have suffered from since my survival of cardiac arrest in 2012. With a measure of success achieved and continuing, my focus evolved and awakened to include looking beyond and outside of myself, to explore issues that face my community and humanity. This growth and maturing have now culminated in a three-part resolution. In my remaining days, the final chapter, I resolve to complete and continue with my woodcut printmaking work, produce an overall balanced, cohesive and innovative collection of artworks in varied mixed media, and journey forward to develop, define and portray my aesthetic philosophy, principles and spiritual beliefs.


Short Biography:

I graduated from the University of Massachusetts in 1972 with a degree in art. My early work consisted of woodcuts and drawings.  I eventually became enchanted with what computers could do as a tool to express myself, and this led to photography aided by graphic software.

With the explosion of information that became available on the internet, I have increased my knowledge of art history and artists throughout the world. I am greatly attracted to modern art, especially the work coming out of New York City.


Numerous artists have had a profound influence on my own work*. Some of these artists include Georgiana Houghton, Henri Rousseau, Wassily Kandinsky, Arshile Gorky, Franz Kline, Willem DeKooning, Mark Tobey, Louise Nevelson, Joseph Cornell, Leonard Baskin, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Vanessa Prager, Chuck Close, Susan Te Kahurangi King, James Siena, and Peter Linde Busk.


At present my work in acrylic at my studio in Sunderland has evolved to embrace mixed media, with my latest compositions utilizing acrylic paint, acrylic ink (regular and iridescent), acrylic gouache, acrylic mediums (including gels and pastes), acrylic resin fixative, a variety of brushes and pens, graphite and colored pencil accents on acrylic gesso primed hardboard panel, and most recently assemblage and collage with select pieces, utilizing consumer products and byproducts with an emphasis on recyclables.

In October of 2012 I suffered from chest pains, and shortly after arriving at the hospital I had cardiac arrest. Everything went to the color of black, starting from the periphery of my vision, quickly working its way into the center and coming to a point. Then there was nothing - total oblivion. The doctors treating me said I died, but they were able to bring me back.  Although I am extremely thankful for all they did, I soon began to experience severe depression and anxiety.

In 2019 with the work "Anxiety's Playground", my confrontation with these issues began in earnest, sending me on a journey of wonder and meaningful purpose, and continues to this day with a series of mixed media compositions, which have expanded to include issues that involve not only myself, but the entire world. In addition, I have embraced a resolution to complete unfinished work started in the past, to exhibit a cohesive art portfolio to the public on a regular basis, and commit to defining my aesthetic philosophy and spiritual beliefs.



*On the local scene, I would like to acknowledge three artists who have provided me with guidance, support, influence and inspiration over the years. They are Scott Prior, Will Sillin, and the late Greg Stone.