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Peter Knapp

Lives in Sunderland, MA USA

Born May 1, 1950

Statement:    November 2023


“Bridges and Crossroads”


The journey continues…


My creative passion has grown and matured from my “Healing ● Awakening ● Resolution” period of the past five years. I am experiencing a development I call “Bridges and Crossroads”, the next step in my career as an artist. As I explore nature and our place in it, “Bridges” symbolizes a progressive continuity from one piece to the next. “Crossroads” are encounters I meet while en route, decisions required that affect the final outcome. There are alternatives, so a choice must be made. The options not tried in a current work can be pondered, potentially used or improved going forward.

I continue to be involved with experimentation, invention and taking risks. The goal is to discover innovative solutions these challenges present. Inspired by a number of contemporary and modern artists who have advanced ground breaking styles and imagery, I hope to leave behind a portfolio that encourages aspiring artists to cross the current boundaries of their creative process.

There is much to learn and experience through art. My concentration of and fealty to nature in matters of the physical, spiritual, real and imaginary is a passion I live with. Numerous artists have inspired me, and I hope my work might return this favor in some way to others seeking the same.



Allied Artists of America (elected - 5 juried shows)

Boston Printmakers (juried in)

CAA – Collage Artists of America (invitation - 2 juried shows)

Copley Society of Art, Newbury Street, Boston MA (juried and accepted 9-27-2023)


Greenwich Art Society (invitation - 2 juried shows)


Short Biography

Art has been a steadfast partner my whole life, but with the day to day family financial responsibilities I faced, my dream of fine art as a career was not realized. In my 60’s a series of health issues changed this. Illness took a toll on my mind as well as body.  Art became my salvation, providing a healing path that has evolved to include issues beyond the personal - matters in the community, the world, the universe – all within and subservient to nature and our place in it. With support from my family, I now devote my life to art full time.

I graduated from the University of Massachusetts in 1972 with a degree in art. My early work consisted of woodcuts and drawings, and to some extent, painting in acrylic and oil. I became enchanted with what computers could do as a tool to augment and enhance my varying processes, and this also led to photography aided by graphic software. 

With the explosion of information that became available on the internet, I have increased my knowledge of art history and artists throughout the world. I am greatly attracted to modern art, especially the work exhibited in New York City, Boston and recently the West Coast.

Since 2020 I have been juried into and participated in over 30 exhibitions throughout the United States. I had my first solo show in March 2022 at Anchor House of Artists in Northampton Massachusetts.


Additional Notes

Numerous artists, with New York City, Boston and LA roots have had a profound influence on my own work*. Some of these artists include Georgiana Houghton, Henri Rousseau, Wassily Kandinsky, Arshile Gorky, Franz Kline, Willem de Kooning, Mark Tobey, Louise Nevelson, Joseph Cornell, Leonard Baskin, Hyman Bloom, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Vanessa Prager, Chuck Close, Susan Te Kahurangi King, James Siena, Peter Linde Busk and Jim Morphesis.

​At present my studio work in Sunderland is concentrated on mixed media. My latest compositions utilize acrylic paint, acrylic and other inks, acrylic gouache, acrylic mediums (including gels and pastes), acrylic resin fixatives, a variety of brushes and pens, and pencils (graphite and colored) on acrylic gesso primed hardboard panels. Recently I have included and explored collage techniques with select pieces.

In addition to mixed media I have revived my woodcut printmaking, finalizing earlier work that had been put on hold.  I have printed numerous editions at First Proof Press in Brattleboro, Vermont, working closely with the owner. As new work in this medium is a viable option, I look forward to this expansion in my overall art portfolio.



*On the local scene, I would like to acknowledge three artists who have provided me with guidance, support, influence and inspiration over the years. They are Scott Prior, Will Sillin, and the late Greg Stone.

I am married to Jane and have two grown daughters, Elizabeth and Jillian.

Article appearing in

the Daily Hampshire

Gazette on 3/5/2022

and the Greenfield

Recorder on 3/9/2022

Article Appearing in The Daily Hampshire Gazette
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