Peter Knapp

Lives in Sunderland, MA USA

Born May 1, 1950


Throughout my life, the abstract quality I see in nature has inspired my art the most. The art I create springs from my soul.

I graduated from the University of Massachusetts in 1972 with a degree in art. My early work consisted of woodcuts and drawings.  I eventually became enchanted with what computers could do as a tool to express myself, and this led to photography aided by graphic software.

With the explosion of information that became available on the internet, I have increased my knowledge of art history and artists throughout the world. I am greatly attracted to modern art, especially the work coming out of New York City.

Numerous artists have had a profound influence on my own work:


Some of these artists include Georgiana Houghton, Wassily Kandinsky, Arshile Gorky, Franz Kline, Willem DeKooning, Mark Tobey, Leonard Baskin, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Vanessa Prager, Chuck Close, Susan Te Kahurangi King, James Siena, and Peter Linde Busk.

Currently I am painting in acrylic in my studio in Sunderland...


 In October of 2012 I suffered from chest pains, and shortly after arriving at the hospital I had cardiac arrest. Everything went to the color of black, starting from the periphery of my vision, quickly working its way into the center and coming to a point. Then there was nothing - total oblivion. The doctors treating me said I died, but they were able to bring me back.  Although I am extremely thankful for all they did, I soon began to experience severe depression and anxiety.

My latest work (starting with “Anxiety’s Playground” and continuing on with a planned series) confronts my battle with these issues. Using the inspiration of nature as a foundation, I am exploring my memories, feelings and emotions related to this event of life over death through the use of acrylic paint, ink, brush and pen on panel. 

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