"I've been working with Peter Knapp in an improvised capacity for a couple of months now. We first met the week or so before his gallery opening at the Anchor House of Artists in Northampton, where his work stuck & moved me. I suggested that I play him some of my music, and we quickly decided that Gary Fieldman & I would perform some of our music at the opening night of Peter's show. We have since been in touch, and I've found him to be an ardent supporter of my work in poetry as well. He sent me an image of this painting last week, and asked if I'd be willing to compose a poem based around it. I had been working on a poem, "Horizons" that immediately sparked a connection with the painting when I saw it. I started work on trying to fine-tune the connection, and we have decided here to share our work together, for the first time, with one of my poems side by side with his painting, "Wonder's Wanderings." Let it move you in whatever way it will; I don't think there's a right or wrong way. See the poem and the image below."

Eliot Cardinaux        April 30th 2022        Poet & Pianist



The earth is a whetstone


           incomparable words

As light eases into the blood

Lay dark & beating,


in the grave the sky made

                       of apples

& the eyes of other


           redden in translation

Things that are leaving

after being said

begin to advertise the evening

Under the lindens

day will freeze up toward

Where if not far away

Wonder's Wanderings - mid Mar-end April 2022.jpg